Prefilled syringe

Robust quality innovative design. Reliable innovative closure system.

Sycare is engineered to be the strongest and most accurate syringe to date.
Its’ compact and robust design ensures product protection against air contact.

Why Sycare

Highly resistant

Crack-resistant reinforced screw thread design

Airtight vacuum screw cap

Engineered air-tight system with friction reduction

Finger grip

No rotation or movement unless intended

Durable plunger rod

Doesn’t flex allowing high precision and gradual pressure

Product benefits

  • Plunger head
    • Durable non-flexible design
    • Fully customisable heads
  • Finger grip
    • Supports syringe from movement
    • Every shape available
  • Tip design
    • Easy-grip design
    • Reinforced for crack prevention
    • Strong secure screw
  • Vacuum screw cap
    • Easy screw on and off
    • No friction between rubber and syringe tip
    • Safe and secure when shaken or dropped
    • Patent pending
  • Why COP
    • Transparent like glass
    • Weighs less than glass
    • Wide range of design options
    • Break and leak-resistant
    • Cost-effective option
    • No alkali Ions released
    • Consistent PH values

Device specifications

*All colours available *All volumes available until 1.0mL and more *Branded plunger head available

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