Markets smallest single-use syringe

The smallest syringe on the market. Ideal to be hidden in one hand.

Misyri is engineered to be the smallest syringe on the market. Its’ compact and robust design ensures the delivery of medicine to patients, the fastest, shortest and least threatening way possible.

Why Misyri

Purposely small

Designed to be hidden in one hand

Easy vaccinations

Allowing children to be vaccinated without reactions

Compatible and portable

The small design reduces packaging space, reducing product and plastic waste

Product benefits

  • Fully customisable head
    • Interchangeable sizes
    • Customisable modules
    • Full selection of colours
  • Removable finger gripper
    • Saves transport space
    • Customisable shape
  • Fully customisable barrel
    • Available in different materials
    • Available in different sizes
  • Luer Lock connector

Device specifications

All colours available* All volumes available until 0.6mL and more *Branded devices available*

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