Oral liquid dispenser

Unique three-step safety design ensuring the exact dosage time after time

  • Easy to use
  • Fully customisable volumes and colours
  • No leakage during dosage phase
  • Easy to disassemble and re-assemble
  • Doesn’t waste content
  • Always ensures correct measurement
  • “Click” button for secure dosage
  • “Click” feature for adapter connection
  • Blocking design for piston detachment prevention
  • Overdose prevention technology

Why Dosecare+

Fully hygienic system

Assures the dosing system remains clean

Secure dosing system

Fail-safe fixed volume allows others to dose safely

Safe and secure attachment

Safe transfer from adapter to patient

Safe tip design

Doesn’t cause harm to patients mouth

Product benefits


  • User-friendly
    • Easy and intuitive to utilise
    • Easy to clean inside
    • Doesn’t harm patients mouth
  • Waste prevention tip
    • Fluid doesn’t remain on barrel exterior
    • Waste prevention technology
    • The dose is always what you measure
  • Fully customisable heads
    • Interchangeable sizes
    • Customisable forms
    • Full selection of colours
  • Re-fixable safety switch function
    • Possible to re-set the volume
    • Impossible to make dosing errors
    • Usable without having to check and control every use
    • Patent pending system
  • Adapter bottle attachment
    • Fluid doesn’t remain inside adapter
    • Safe and easy “click” attachment
    • Adapter supplied with kit
    • Patent pending system

Vantaggi del prodotto


  • Every volume setting fixable
    • Possible to set every volume, not only a multiple of a fixed one
    • Overdose prevention technology
    • Interchangeable barrels from v_0.1 to v_0.2
    • Patent pending

Device specifications

Dosecare+ has our company philosophy contained; all devices are highly customisable, in volume, colour and shape. Our quality control is stringent. Every device is strictly checked to comply with pharmaceutical standards. Each device represents who we are and what we stand for.

*All colours available * All volumes available until 0.6mL and more *Branded devices available

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