About us

We are a certified Italian company that started as an innovative company that develops medical solutions for big pharma company in a very short time.


Create medical devices or medical innovative solution, that solve some specific problems in the pharmaceutical fields. Developing and producing customized medical or pharmaceutical devices. Developing and producing products in the pharmaceutical sector that could be an answer to some specific needs.

What we do

We ideate, develop, prototype and produce customized medical devices, pharmaceutical packaging and solutions.

How we work

We have a fully ISO 7 certificate clean room. Our employees are totally integrated into the company philosophy: we are what we produce. So each devices are strictly controlled by trained employees. Products we manufacture are realized both manually or by the machine. It depend if will be a small or a large production. In both case, we manage to realize both tools and machinery to assembly the product. That allow to reduce the time to market an save cost of the final product.

Here’s how it works:

Starting from your needs, we propose to you two or three main ideas and together we choose the best one

We go on producing a final mould. At the same time, we produce the tools or machinery to assemble the device in our clean room

We go on with 3D printing with our inside technologies

Meanwhile we provide for all the document required for the CE market, and provide for all tests requested: both in specialized laboratories or inside our laboratory

After your acceptance, we produced along with our partner, a pilot mould

Starting a large or small production